Currently in pre-production. Filming late spring 2021.

The Story: 


For thirteen years, Meg has prepared corpses at the Peaceful Slumber Funeral Parlor. When she prepares the corpse of a World War II veteran something extraordinary happens. She becomes aware of a task that had been weighing heavily on the man's mind and she feels compelled to finish it. Meg, through this unexplained phenomenon, finds herself forced to follow through on the dying thoughts of the bodies she embalms.


Each new corpse brings a new mission and she is powerless to stop it. It's a bizarre, nightmarish curse as Meg realizes that she is the last hope for these souls to rest in peace.


Until she embalms the corpse of a sociopathic convict with revenge on his mind and she is coerced into doing the unthinkable. Committing murder.


Detective Dave Steere is investigating racketeer Mike McMahon. When McMahon is murdered and the evidence points to Meg, Steere's instinct tells him that something isn't right. Now he has to figure out if he's tracked down a murderer, a victim - or something he can't explain.

If you haven't read the novel, get your copy now so you can be in on our adventure!


Unfinished Business - Teaser Poster.png

The Project:

Unfinished Business is on its way to becoming a TV Series.

Follow along on the journey with us as we bring this book to life: www.facebook.com/blindoggproductions

How cool is it to know there will be a TV series based in and around our tiny little town? 

We are working diligently behind the scenes to get the camera rolling right here in FLAGLER, VOLUSIA and St. JOHNS counties! We plan to utilize local crew, cast and filming locations.

But before we can even begin to start production, we need to make sure we are doing it safely, legally and considerately for everyone so that means permits, insurance, attorneys and food! We need funding to make this happen and that's where you come in. 

By donating even just $1, you can be a part of this project and get to be one of the first to see the premiere screening. I hope you will be able to help but if you can't donate financially, you can still be an integral part of the project, help us raise awareness by sharing our funding campaign.


The Team: 


  • Alan J Levi - Director

  • Tim Baker - Executive Producer / Author

  • Stephanie Mazzeo - Executive Producer 

  • Greg Feldman - Co-Executive Producer 

  • Ed Velasco - Music Supervisor / Prop Master

  • Kelly Brownrigg - Production Manager / Story Adaptation  

  • Brandy McClelland- Casting Director

  • Chris Turchetti - Composer

  • Meg Seabury - Technical Advisor (The Real Meg)

  • Graham Zielinski - Production Coordinator

  • Eric Jordan -Still Photography / Location Scout

  • Wyatt Werneth - Stunt Coordinator

  • Jayne Baker - Wardrobe Stylist

  • Rebecca Howell - Hair Stylist

  • Lorraine Boushell - Makeup Artist

  • Lea Mancuso - Production Secretary

The Cast: 

  • Sondra Currie - Marie Seabury

  • John Byner - Papi

  • Annie Gaybis - RosaLita "Lita" DeVille

  • Margot Demeter - as Meg Seabury

  • Michael Laboska - Detective David Steere

  • Hunter Hughes - Mary Beth Harmon

  • Ira Grossman - as Mike McMahon
  • Aleksey Volchek - as Conrad

  • Derek Wolf - as Jerome