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Covering tattoos effectively for weddings can be time consuming. It takes a lot of products, several hours and a ton of patience.  


The first step is understanding that although I will do my best to camouflage the tattoo. It will be undetectable in photos and, to those not looking for it, the tattoo will be unnoticeable in person with a professional cover application.


Using proper, quality products is a necessary step in wedding day tattoo cover, as is having reasonable expectations. It's not a quick or easy process and, brides wanting to cover their tattoo(s) should realize they will need to pay appropriately for quality tattoo cover services for their wedding day. 


Tattoo cover is a lengthy, precise project. I begin by correcting areas of the tattoo using lighter and complimentary colors. Once the colors have been muted, I lightly apply a special foundation product. It may take several layers to successfully hide the tattoo. After the tattoo is minimized, I airbrush over the tattoo and finish off with a waterproof sealer.

Although products to cover tattoos can be found on the internet and through bridal shops, and even though they may work to effectively cover your tattoo, these products are extremely temporary and will not last throughout the day's events. In order to create a natural looking cover that won't run, sweat or smear off, you must invest in quality, professional grade products applied by an experienced artist.

After many previous attempts at tattoo cover, I was able to narrow down the products which work from those that don't. You will find many makeup artists offering to cover tattoos for minimal costs but with their lack of knowledge and quality products, your tattoo will soon be visible as the day wears on.

If you are only interested in a momentary cover fix, perhaps for a photo op, then any of those bridal shop or makeup store products will work. But if you want a long lasting tattoo cover that lasts from pre-ceremony to post-reception, then you definitely need to invest in having your tattoo covered by an experienced and knowledgeable professional makeup artist.

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